Name: Mike Thaler
Originally from: New Hamburg, Ontario
Currently living & working: Düsseldorf, Germany
Position: Elementary Technology Integration Teacher
Cohort: COETAIL 11
Twitter: @thaler88

Hi! My name is Mike Thaler, and I am originally from New Hamburg, Ontario. In 2013 I moved internationally for the first time to Bangkok, where I taught grade 5 for two years before moving to Düsseldorf. In Düsseldorf I taught grade 5 for two year before transitioning to a Technology Integration role. I’ve learned so much in this role, both about technology in education and about life outside the core classroom, but I miss being in the classroom full time and so next year I will be transitioning back into the core teaching environment.

I first heard about COETAIL when it started popping up on my Twitter feed, and was encouraged to look into it more when my wife started talking about it as well (she’s also in COETAIL 11…can you find her?) As I move back into the classroom I am excited that I will continue to have this group to continue my learning in educational technology. In seven years, I’ve gone from the most high tech thing in my classroom being an overhead projector to tech integration in a  school with 1:1 iPads and more tech resources than we know what to do with. I hope this program will continue to help me find new and effective ways to better harness the power of technology in education.