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For The Love Of Cheese

Cheese, I Haven’t Always Loved Thee I spent the first twenty years of my life in the darkness. For some reason, before I can remember, I decided that I hated cheese. I had no rational reason for it, just like I had no reason to dislike bread, the other food I decided I hated, which made my parents’ life pretty difficult. To make matters even more ridiculous, I loved grilled cheese…try to figure that one out. Anyways, In my early twenties, I found out that cheese wasn’t actually that bad, and over the last decade it has gotten to the...


Just Google It

I Google everything. It’s actually a bit of a problem. My friends have started to notice and call me out on it. You probably have a friend like me too, or maybe you are that person. You’re sitting around with your friends, and the conversation sparks a question in your mind. It could be a question that someone asked, or maybe it was just a word that reminded you of an idea or question in your head. You immediately reach for your phone. Ten seconds later, Wikipedia, IMDB, or even just the google script that magically puts the answer to...


Switching Superpowers – From Lurker to Contributor

In the not-so-classic Ben Stiller film Mystery Men, there was a superhero character called Invisible Boy. He’s invisible. As long as no one is looking at him. I too have the superpower of invisibility. But only when I’m on the internet. And that is how I existed in my digital communities, with very few exceptions, for most of my digital life. I joined Twitter in November 2011 and have managed to tweet or retweet 138 times. That’s an average of 1-2 tweets a month, but for my first six years I averaged one tweet a year. I joined Reddit in...